Victorian Sapphire Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

Sold  Item: 1339

The rose cut diamond originated in the 1600s and got its name from the crown facets, 12 to 24 which resemble the flower's spiraling petals. The rose cut as well as the old European cut were popular in late Victorian and Art Nouveau jewelry and as modern cutting technology developed in the 20th century, the rose cut gave way to the modern brilliant cut which produces more brilliance and light. Color and clarity in diamonds did not have the impact that it does today as jewelers focused on the overall beauty of the piece being designed and not on an individual stone; as much rough as possible was utilized so cutting for color and clarity was moot. This beautiful cluster ring evidences all the subtly of the transitional time between the late Victorian and the onset of the Edwardian era which is recognized as a 'white' period in jewelry utilizing platinum and white gold and a preponderance of diamonds. Here, the central rose cut of approximately .40 cts is surrounded by twelve (12) bright blue sapphires with an outer ring of twelve (12) rose cuts of approximately .09 cts each for an additional 1 carat.

Condition: Excellent though probably not originally a ring and converted long ago
Measurements: Size 9; able to be resized for most; the top of the cluster measures 12.54mm by 12.7mm
Gross Weight: 2.9 dwt; 4.6 grams
Circa: Early 1880s for the cluster; 1880-1900 for the addition of the shank