Antique Snake Ring with Diamond Head

Sold  Item: R1502

Did you know that in Chinese astrology 2013 is the year of snake? The image of the snake has been used since the beginning of time to represent and symbolize a variety of meanings. For Native Americans it was the life form given to lightning and rainbows; for the ancient Hebrews it was a symbol of healing as well as a representation of both good and bad fortune; by Christians, it was revered as the symbol of God. In more recent history, after Price Alfred gave Queen Victoria a snake ring for their engagement, it popularly became the symbol for fidelity, eternity and endless love. This Victorian 18kt yellow gold ring is an example of the timelessness of much Victorian jewelry; modern and simple from a distance it has the appearance of a wide gold band. Look closer and you see the diamond (.20pt) accented head of the serpent wrapped around the tail representing the eternal circle.

Condition: Good; minor wear and surface scratches commensurate with age and one small dent on the reverse
Ring Size: 7 1/2 and able to be re-sized.
Measurements: 1/2" across at the widest part; 2/5" at the narrowest
Gross Weight: 6.1 dwt (9.5 grams)
Circa: 1890. Most likely English in origin