Hand Painted Ivory Portrait Miniature Pin/Pendant

$1500.00 USD  Item: 1242

Beautifully painted ivory portrait miniature featuring quite a lovely young lady in profile wearing exquisite soft pink roses attached to a sumptuous silky pink ribbon in her softly tousled hairdo. She is dressed in just the right collar for the time, appearing as if she is sitting in her garden reviewing in her mind, the events of a very special day. The 18kt yellow gold frame is surrounded by a beaded edge and topped with a stunning ribbon of gold centered by an approximately 20 point white diamond. This lovely lady may be worn as a pin or on a chain or ribbon as a pendant...my personal favorite.

Condition: Excellent
Measurement: 1" across from the edge of the frame and 1 1/8" from the top to the bottom of the frame.
Circa 1880-1890. Unsigned but appears to be French.