Bullmastiff Dog Brooch with Diamond Collar

Sold  Item: 1535

You love dogs of all kinds but perhaps you know you just don't have time in your busy life for a pet. Well now you have no more excuses! Reliable, devoted, protective, docile, loyal and loving are just some of the words traditionally used to describe the wonderful bullmastiffs. This beauty is the perfect pet with the only care and attention needed being a soft surrounding in your jewelry box or on a jacket or dress.

This mastiff, ears alert and standing so proudly, is exceptionally rendered in 14kt yellow gold to show off his strength and solid build; you can almost feel his powerful muscles and soft fur. Sporting a simple diamond collar, this brooch would be a wonderful addition for any animal lover.

Condition: Excellent
Measurements: 1 3/4"
Gross Weight: 8.4 dwt; (13.1 grams)
Circa: Mid 20th Century