Victorian Rose Gold Bangle Bracelet

Sold  Item: 1525

Women of the early to mid-Victorian era(1837-1885) wore large wide bracelets to give the appearance of a dainty and feminine hand! Fascinating. Here is a typical Victorian bangle in 14kt rose gold bangle showcasing the oft used motif of a buckle, symbolizing strength loyalty, fidelity and eternity much like the meaning of the serpent as it overlaps on itself. The front of this is beautifully engraved with a scroll and trefoil design; the trefoil repeating the symbolism with its meaning of past, present and future love. A tempting addition to any jewelry collection and utterly wearable with everything. In a word: classic.

Condition: Very Good
Measurements: Interior circumference: 7" 3/4" wide
Gross Weight: 24.0 dwt (37.3 grams)
Circa: 1850-1888